From the Editors: We Are Not Endorsing in MDGOP National Committeewoman Race

It has come to our attention that there is talk about an impending Red Maryland endorsement in the MDGOP National Committeewoman race. We’d like to put a stake through the heart of that rumor and state unequivocally that Red Maryland is not endorsing any candidate for MDGOP National Committeewoman.

For the record, a Red Maryland endorsement is given only by a unanimous vote from all four editors.

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There is no unanimity among the editors to support any of the candidates for National Committeewoman. Some of us have serious concerns about Nicolee Ambrose, some of us are rightly worried about clan Scott.

What we are unanimous about is maintaining the integrity of Red Maryland and the hard work all of us have put into this endeavor over the last five years.

The possibility of one of the candidates claiming a Red Maryland endorsement, when in reality it is only the personal endorsement of one editor, is a grave concern to us.

So let us be crystal clear: Red Maryland is not endorsing Nicolee Ambrose, and we are not endorsing Audrey Scott.

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