Wade Kach Gets His Thirty Pieces of Silver

….or at least a six figure job.

Tomorrow morning the Maryland House of Delegates will vote on a bill to legalize gay marriage in Maryland. For the record, I’m firmly with Greg Kline on this issue. Our nation and our state will survive bankruptcy, we will not survive the destruction of the culture that built them. Gay marriage along with abortion and a looming battle over euthanasia are elements of that cultural apocalypse.
This post isn’t about culture. It is about sell outs. It is about men who will sell out their own values and their constituents for a nice, safe, well-paid job. One of those men is Delegate Wade Kach from District 5B.
For those who haven’t followed this issue, Delegate Kach has, in the past, been a solid vote in defense of marriage as it has been understood in virtually all cultures in recorded history. That places him squarely in line with his fairly conservative district.
Now he has announced that he will vote in favor of this monstrosity championed by Martin O’Malley. When the Baltimore Sun notes

Kach’s decision is stunning since he voted against the same-sex marriage bill in committee on Tuesday night and is a co-sponsor of a different measure that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.

One must take the time to ask why? What could have wrought this miraculous change in Mr. Kach’s vote.
The answer is as simple as it is banal. He was bought. And he was bought with your money.
Kach had floated the idea that he might run for State Senate but has backed away from that and we hear from sources in the Baltimore County Central Committee that Kach has decided to not run for reelection to the House of Delegates. He did, however, meet with Governor O’Malley and during the course of that meeting we’re reliably informed that Kach was offered a six-figure job in return for changing his vote.
All the pieces fit. Means. Motive. Opportunity.
We don’t know what the job is but if the Governor has any sense of irony he’ll put Kach to work teaching situational ethics to Maryland public school bureaucrats.

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