Tony O’Donnell For Congress (MD-5)

As Brian has announced, the editors of Red Maryland will be making a series of endorsements in advance of the upcoming primary election. We will not be making an endorsement in every race, and all of our endorsements represent the unanimous opinion of the editors of this blog.

It is my privilege to announce that Red Maryland is endorsing Delegate Tony O’Donnell for Congress in Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District.
For those who may not know, the Fifth District is currently represented by the US House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD). For those living under a rock, Steny Hoyer is the epitome, and often the face, of the failed liberal, Nancy Pelosi-led House Democrats. Hoyer is an unabashed proponent of bailouts, stimulus, Obamacare, Cap and Trade and every other policy that has brought us the stagnation of American greatness during the Obama Presidency.
Defeating the career corruptocrat Hoyer is no easy task and many well meaning GOP candidates have come and gone in this effort. With Marylanders awash in the flotsam caused by his failed philosophy, defeating Steny Hoyer has never been more important.
Maryland voters now have a candidate with nearly two decades of experience fighting the Democrat machine here in Maryland, current Maryland House of Delegates Minority Leader, Tony O’Donnell.

Delegate O’Donnell is a navy veteran and engineer by trade. He is a family man who has been committed to serving his community. On a personal note, I have known Tony for many years. He is a man of unique integrity and commitment. A minority leader in the Maryland House of Delegates has many opportunities to lose their way ideologically and lose their passion to fight an often indomitable democrat majority. Tony O’Donnell has done neither.

Tony is a staunch fiscal conservative who believes in American Exceptionalism. He is all too familiar with the devastation that liberal policies have wrought on the lives of Marylanders. Tony has spent most of his adult life dedicated to fighting for common sense values in the General Assembly. He would take that same spirit to the United States House of Representatives.

You can read more about Tony’s views on the issues here.

While we often lament on this blog the failures of the MDGOP to recruit quality candidates to run, especially in tough races, Delegate O’Donnell’s entry in to this race represents the strongest challenge to Steny Hoyer in many years. This race, coming on the heels of the recent Congressional redistricting, represents an all too rare and precious opportunity for a Republican gain in Maryland’s Congressional delegation. This is why the editors of Red Maryland are so enthusiastic in our support of Delegate O’Donnell and why we urge our readers join us.

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