This Man Is Teaching Your Children

One of the reasons that conservatives look askance at those who call themselves professional educators is that so often they are little more than socialist rent seekers who spend at least as much time on propagandizing students as they do actually teaching.

Maryland has its share of these but today I’m going to talk about one in particular. Shaun Johnson, assistant professor of education at Towson University. Johnson, it seems, is a stereotypical leftie who has, as is stereotypical of the breed, underachieved his way into a Ph.D. in education. He runs a silly blog called At The Chalk Face. (Shaun, you can thank me for the link.) When he isn’t teaching insipid courses like Practical Conversations on Gender or lecturing on the Manliness of Education Reform (I remain more than a little unclear on his qualifications on the latter) he insults people.
In the course of a Twitter discussion between Dana Loesch and some other people over the egregious misrepresentation by the left of a pro-life law in soon to be passed in Virginia, he called her a “Conservadouche.” Brooks Bayne at the blot The Graph did a screen cap of the tweet as Mr. Manliness, after insulting a woman he doesn’t know over a issue he was obviously ignorant about deleted the tweet.
So what makes this insult different from any other insult tossed about on Twitter? The fact that Johnson identifies himself as an assistant professor of education at Towson University on his Twitter profile.
Bayne made a complaint to Towson University and Mr. Manliness has made an apology.
That’s fine as far as it goes. The meta issues are 1) is this considered appropriate behavior for Towson faculty by the administration of that college and 2) if not, what is going to be done about it?

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