The Victims of Overzealous Environmentalism

Watch the video below and see just how amok environmentalism in Maryland running.

Feel good about yourselves waterkeepers?
[Go to and donate to Maryland Family Farmers Legal Defense Fund, Inc to help the Hudson’s pay their legal bills]
Although the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance brought the suit, with the help of the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic, the suit is being funded by the Town Creek Foundation based in Easton, MD. According to Town Creek’s grants page, the foundation has given the Waterkeeper Alliance $300,000 to fund the lawsuit.
With such well heeled benefactors, why does the Waterkeeper Alliance need the help of the taxpayer funded University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic?
Even Governor O’Malley decided to buck his environmental masters when he sent a scathing letter to law school Dean, Phoebe Haddon.
However, O’Malley’s criticism rings hollow, given that in 2009 he signed legislation allowing waterkeepers legal standing to challenge environmental permits and other decisions. Students from the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic, were the unregistered, taxpayer funded lobbyists for the legislation.
Oh by the way, since 2009 Town Creek Foundation has given the law clinic $260,000.
Town Creek is a major funder of environmental groups in Maryland, especially Environment Maryland and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Town Creek funding paid for Maryland’s Climate Change Commission and the report it produced, which recommended a menu of economically ruinous taxes, fees, and regulations. The Maryland Department of the Environment is due recommend many of these actions to implement the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act.
Of course, it helps Town Creek to have Donald Boesch, one of it’s Board Members–you know the folks who make grant funding decisions–as a member of the climate commission. Town Creek also funds the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences, which just happens to be run by Donald Boesch. Convenient.
Town Creek also funds the Maryland Offshore Wind Coalition–over $240,000–to push for O’Malley’s offshore wind boondoggle, which will force utility ratepayers to subsidize costly, inefficient energy.

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