Slash and Burn

I’m scratching my head as to what David Moon aka Maryland Juice thinks he has accomplished with his sleazy attacks on Delegate Nic Kipke.

First, there is Moon’s factual error in claiming Kipke deleted his Facebook page. Kipke’s Facebook page is alive and well, as this screenshot attests.

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One has to laugh at the allegedly tech-savvy Moon for not realizing Kipke changed the privacy settings on his account to block him.

Whatever Kipke’s marital tribulations—he is separated from his wife—it is his personal business.

Furthermore, those tribulations do not in any way detract from the arguments put forth by those who favor traditional marriage. It just reinforces the universal truth that we are all flawed beings cut from the crooked timber of humanity.

All Moon has done is reveal that he is an immature juvenile patting himself on the back for his ingenuity.

I have my issues with Kipke, for example, his unfortunate vote to expand Medicaid spending in the 2007 special session, which only exacerbated the structural deficit, the legislature was there to “solve.” However, I don’t need to dig up dirt on his personal life to point out the inconsistency of that vote with his public pronouncements on spending and limited government.

Moon has picked up where First Lady Katie O’Malley has left off—insulting opponents of gay marriage simply because they have the temerity to disagree.

Which leads us to another factual error by Moon, his assertion that Democratic State Senator Anthony Muse attended a “Tea Party” rally against gay marriage.

Of course, this is patently false. The Baltimore Sun article Moon links to notes the rally was sponsored by the Maryland Marriage Alliance, which is NOT a Tea Party outfit. Even the Potomac Tea Party Report, the thin reed Moon on which Moon’s claim rests, notes of the rally “On Monday evening Marylanders from all political persuasions will gather in Annapolis in support of marriage between a man and a woman,” [emphasis mine].

Bit of blogging advice for you Dave, link to sources that support your position, not those that refute it.

Of course, it should be noted that Muse is challenging the party establishment endorsed Ben Cardin in Maryland’s U.S. Senate Democratic primary. And voila, here is Muse attending a “Tea Party rally.”

Then there is Moon’s playing the race card on Baltimore’s Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, and attributing bigotry to those who oppose gay marriage, as if there could be no legitimate moral or philosophical reasons to oppose it.

Other than posting others arguments in favor of gay marriage, Moon hasn’t posted an original argument of his own in favor of gay marriage. In fact, the tenor of his body of work on the subject has been almost to entirely slander gay marriage opponents as bigots.

For the record, my own position on gay marriage is complicated, but I would be inclined to support it with the right protections for conscience and religious freedoms. I’m not entirely sure the conscience provision in Governor O’Malley’s bill goes far enough to protect individuals. What does it say about a law that enshrines the right of gay couples to marry, but allows for government coercion of individuals to act against their conscience.

However, no matter my disagreements with gay marriage opponents, I understand their very legitimate and serious objections, which are not based in bigotry.

Rather than honestly engaging those objections, or offering his own original arguments, Moon has done nothing but ignore them, and slander opponents as either bigots or stokers of racial discord. And now he’s stooped into digging into their private lives to embarrass them.

That says more about David Moon than it does about opponents of gay marriage.

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