John Donoghue Made An Offer He Can’t Refuse?

Editor’s Note: Delegate Donoghue voted no on final passage of the gay marriage bill.

Following hard on the heels of the purchase of Wade Kach… who we understand is now walking around Annapolis with an armed security officer to fend off questions from the press and comments from his colleagues whom he has screwed and not bothered to kiss… we hear of another situation involving Delegate John Donoghue of District 5C. Despite being a Democrat, Donoghue has maintained a fairly conservative voting record.

The story making the rounds is that Donoghue’s wife was fired from her job in the past few days and Donoghue has been promised his wife will be rehired if he votes for gay marriage.
Another delegate, Republican, whom we won’t name has been offered a favorable adjustment to their district boundaries in exchange for a change of their vote.
One would like to think this is hyperbole coming out of a supercharged legislative session. Unfortunately, this is the way Martin O’Malley’s Maryland operates and it is the way it has operated since Day One.

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