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A Brief Word about the National Committeewoman’s Race

Since I am both the Maryland Young Republicans Chairman and the Northeast Regional Vice-Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, I’ve already gotten several calls on the following, so I want to address it as publicly as possible.

A letter was sent by Nicolee Ambrose to the members of the Republican State Central Committees around Maryland. The letter was sent on letterhead with the logo of the Young Republican National Federation, with Ms. Ambrose referring to herself as Chairman Emeritus, a title which she was granted by a vote of the 2007 YRNF National Convention held in New Orleans. The letter implied to several committee members that Ms. Ambrose has been endorsed by the Young Republican National Federation.

Ms. Ambrose’s use of the Young Republican National Federation logo in this letter was without the permission of the YRNF National Committee, National Executive Board, or any other affiliated body. Ms. Ambrose has not been endorsed by the Young Republican National Federation, any of its affiliated groups, or the Maryland Young Republicans and any of its affiliated groups. No endorsement should be implied or inferred from the YRNF logo being improperly used on this letter.

Unfortunately, there will be more to follow….

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