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Would You Like More Kerosene With Your Straw Men Governor?

Governor O’Malley released the ahem “details” of his $35.9 billion FY 2013 budget yesterday.

During the Q&A session, WBAL Radio’s Robert Lang asked O’Malley about the discrepancy between the data that shows his budgets have increased 16% and his claim to have cut the budget. A question no reporter had bothered to ask him since he started making the claim.
Instead of answering the question O’Malley proceeded to do what he does best–burn straw men.
Classic Martin O’Malley.
It is interesting to note that O’Malley never referenced the $35.9 blllion figure in his presentation. Reporters had to wait until they received the budget book to learn that number.
The total budget increased by $1.7 billion over FY 2012.
With this budget, O’Malley has increased spending by $6.5 billion in real dollars or 22% since he first took office in 2007.
Also, O’Malley’s budget presentation claims to have cut general fund spending by $56 million. However, buried in the data (bottom of pg. 97) from his own Department of Budget and Management shows a general fund spending increase of nearly $950,000, an increase of 6.4% over FY 2012.
Funny how the more O’Malley spends, the more he claims to have cut.

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