What you need to know about the Red Maryland Tweetup

So as you know, tomorrow is the Red Maryland Network Meetup and Tweetup. Come out and meetup with the Red Maryland Network, our contributors, readers, fans, and other great Maryland Conservatives.

Join us at Two Rivers Steak and Fish House, 4105 Mountain Road in Pasadena on Saturday, at 2 PM for this great event. And once again, the event is free, the only cost to you is whatever you eat and drink.

Here’s what you need to know

  • There’s plenty of parking;
  • We’ll be in the bar area; you probably won’t be able to miss us
  • We’ll be taping a Red Maryland Radio network broadcast to be aired at some point in the future.

Feel free to RSVP to the Facebook event page here.

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For more information, feel free to shoot me an email (brian-at-briangriffiths-dot-com) or find me on Twitter @BrianGriffiths.

And we will see everybody tomorrow!

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