The Broadside Tonight 7pm

Tonight on The Broadside:

Andrew welcomes National Journal’s Hotline, Amanda Carey to talk about the GOP presidential primary.

Ana Puig, founder of Kitchen Table Patriots and field coordinator for Freedomworks PA. Talking about Newt’s surge in SC, and the Tea Party support of him, as well as what she’s been up to.
Reminder: Mark and Andrew will be hosting 1090 at Night on WBAL tonight from 9-midnight
Guests include: Daily Caller columnist Matt Lewis, who will join us to talk about the GOP presidential primary horse race.
WBAL TV 11 news reporter and newly minted podcast host Lowell Melser, will talk with us about his new gig as cohost of The Marc and Lowell Show, part of the burgeoning Mike O’Mera media empire.

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