Pat McDonough is a Doofus, and other things you already knew

I’ve been trying to avoid pointing out the obvious, but this story, as reported by Lutherville-Timonium Patch, continues to grow legs. Or scurry around, take your pick:

Del. Pat McDonough says a bill he plans to introduce will protect Maryland’s borders—this time against rats.

McDonough, a Middle River Republican more known for his stands on immigration issues, said his bill will prevent Washington, DC from exporting vermin to Maryland under a 2010 wildlife protection bill. But the law may not be everything McDonough thinks it is.

“My bill is an anti-rat trafficking bill,” said McDonough.

McDonough’s concerns arise from a bill he said was passed in Washington, DC that prevents the killing of rats. Instead, the law requires wildlife (including rats) be treated humanely and relocated “along with their families” to another area.

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“I’m protecting the borders again, this time from illegal rats,” McDonough said. “I’m very concerned about my friends in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. They’re on the front lines of this.”

McDonough said his bill would prevent DC from sneaking their rats across the border into Maryland’s suburbs and eating our government cheese.

I’m almost speechless that we’re even talking about trafficking in illegal rats. But here we are. The idea is even more ridiculous when McDonough’s bill addresses issues that are not addressed by the DC bill, according to WTOP. So McDonough is wasting taxpayer money even bringing this issue up in the first place.

Mind you this is par for the course with Pat McDonough, to do something inanely ridiculous in order to get his name in the newspaper. I mean after all, we’re talking about a guy who:

Face it. Pat McDonough is a doofus. You know it. I know it. He probably knows it.

He’s a third-rate elected official whose ego is not commiserate with the noticeably lacking intellectual capacity.

He is ineffective, even for those constituents that he is theoretically elected to serve.

He continues to announce that he is exploring to run for higher and higher offices without having the guts to actually follow through with it, while still being offended when other people don’t seek his permission to run for office (or, as Mark summed up, “Everybody else put you plans on hold, because I ‘m the most relevant politician I’ve ever met.”).

He continues to consistently be an embarrassment to his district, the Republican Party, and the body to which he was elected.

If Pat McDonough really wants, for once in his life, to do right by his state, his party, and the ideals that he supposedly believes in, he needs to go away. Because our side is not helped by his continuance in office.

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