Democrats on Defense

As Martin O’Malley and company are about to launch a legislative session that looks to bring us historic spending and tax increases, the Democrats are still on defense from their endorsement of Senator Cardin that I reported on Saturday.

The Gazette reported yesterday that the tweets “don’t reflect an endorsement”:

The tweets weren’t meant to be endorsements of Cardin, but rather a promotion of Baker’s comments, said state Democratic communicationss director Matthew Verghese.

“The party strongly stands behind the records and the accomplishments of our sitting elected Democratic officials,” Verghese said.

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The party isn’t taking sides, Verghese said, but is obligated to recognize the work of elected officials already in office.

Which is a very interesting way to deflect blame for the fact that they got caught. The tweets certainly didn’t go unnoticed by State Senator Anthony Muse, Cardin’s primary challenger, who also managed to be left off of the bill of the Maryland Democratic Party luncheon today:

Muse (D-Prince George’s), who last week announced a primary challenge to U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.), had sat quietly through the speaking program at a luncheon put on by the Maryland Democratic Party that drew several hundred people.

Cardin got his turn at the microphone, as did several other high-profile Democrats, including Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) and House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) — both of whom implored the crowd to help re-elect Cardin this year, among other things.

Muse begged those who remained to listen to him “just out of respect.”

“Only after the primary do we endorse those that the people have said is our Democratic nominee,” he said after the music was cut off.

Most people continued toward the exits.

The Democrats are playing defense right now because they take their base for granted. The Maryland Democratic establishment has endorsed the white establishment candidate Ben Cardin as the preferred candidate over an African-American candidate (Muse). It makes it look like that the Democrats are taking the African-American vote for granted. And that’s because they are. They believe that there are no repercussions for, as a party, endorsing the white candidate in violation of their own bylaws.

It’s a sad statement about the modern Democratic Party here in Maryland….

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