Daniel Bongino for U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate Elections in Maryland are a tricky proposition. So rarely do we get a great shot as Republicans to win an election that it’s important that we nominate a good candidate with a good message and great enthusiasm. The closest Senate election that we have had in recent times was Michael Steele’s 2006 loss to Ben Cardin. And while we are far past the point of nominating candidates like the late Ross Pierpont, our other candidates since 2000 (the late Paul Rappaport, EJ Pipkin, Eric Wargotz) have all been stuck mired in the 30-percent range.

This year we are presented with a varying number of candidates, some of which are perennial contenders, some of which are extremely qualified and able candidates. The top two candidates in the race are Daniel Bongino and Richard Douglas. Both would bring a lot to the table as U.S. Senators

Richard Douglas has an interesting and diverse background. He enlisted in the Navy, went to college on the G.I. Bill, got a Master’s Degree, went to law school and became a Staff Counsel for the Stevedore’s Union. He became a reserve officer in the Navy, serving a tour at the Pentagon and a tour in Iraq. He joined the Foreign Service, worked for the U.S. Senate, and became a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, and started a Defense contracting company working in logistics. All in all, Richard Douglas has a long and distinguished career serving the people of this nation.

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Daniel Bongino, as many of you know, has just as interesting and diverse background. Growing up poor in New York City, Bongino joined the New York Police Department. While simultaneously working on the force, he put himself through college at the City University of New York. From there, he joined the U.S. Secret Service, working his way through the ranks until he joined the Presidential Protection Detail. On the detail, he immediately worked his way to become a leader of the detail and a lead in planning Presidential Security for Presidential trips to dangerous locations such as Afghanistan and Indonesia. As has been well documented, Bongino left the service to pursue this race. In addition to his law enforcement experience, he has advanced degrees in both Psychology and Business Administration, as well as experience operating small businesses in diverse fields such as web design, sporting goods, and risk assessment. Bongino has a wealth of law enforcement and small business experience.

All of that being said, the difference between Bongino and Douglas boils down to their positions on the issues. In forums and on the stump, both men have focused on different aspects of their experience. Douglas has relied on his national security background, and many of his answers to questions will come back to security policy or energy policy; two areas that are closer to his professional experience. Bongino, in addition to his professional experience, is well-read on a multitude of economic subjects. He really understands the economic situation in our state, and has a number of creative and conservative solutions that will put people back to work.

The other thing differentiating Bongino and Douglas is energy. Richard Douglas, for all of his strengths, cannot match the energy that Bongino on the stump. Take a look at these brief remarks that he gave at October’s Tea Party rally in Annapolis:

He gets it. He really understands not only what it is like to be concerned about our economy, but also what it’s like to see the failure of big government social programs. In a state with such a huge Democratic population, in an election where the likely Democratic nominee is a 40-plus year public official, we need the kind of energy and enthusiasm that Bongino brings to the table. We need somebody who can bring the conservative message of hope and prosperity to the masses.

The editors of Red Maryland enthusiastically and unanimously endorse Daniel Bongino for U.S. Senate. We encourage you to visit www.bongino.com to find out how you can help him win the nomination and to elect him as a U.S. Senator we can be proud of.

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