Developing News In Maryland 6

As I posted earlier today, MD GOP Chair Alex Mooney is forming an exploratory committee to run for Congress in Maryland 6. The implication is that Mr. Mooney is at least considering joining MD State Senator David Brinkley’s stated intention of giving Congressman Roscoe Bartlett a primary challenge. If Brinkley does give Bartlett a challenge, Mooney certainly can’t afford to wait on the sidelines for Bartlett’s retirement.

Some strange alliances are forming. We understand that freshman Senator Chris Shanks is committed to endorsing David Brinkley which is odd since Brinkley’s politics are very similar to the man Shanks defeated in 2010, the go-along-get-along Don Munson.
If Mooney runs, we believe will be supported by Neil Parrott (2B) and Michael Hough (3B).

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