Well Done, Maryland Democrats, More Jobs Lost To Virginia

Maryland Democrats seem unable to fathom a couple of basic fact. The first is that people and jobs can and do move. If you create a tax and regulatory environment that is hostile to business, businesses will hit the road. The second is that Maryland is a very small state and a business can move 30 miles, to Virginia or Delaware or Pennsylvania or West Virginia, retain their customer base and reduce their overhead costs.

The first lesson should have been last year’s decision by Northrup Grumman to select Virginia rather than Maryland for its corporate headquarters.
Bechtel Corporation has announced that it will move 625 jobs from Frederick, MD to Reston, VA. Some 1200 Bechtel jobs will remain in Maryland, but for how long? Those jobs were saved from the move by a $9.5 million state-subsidized loan made to Bechtel in exchange for a promise to keep those jobs in Maryland until 2018.
So long as Maryland continues its trajectory towards a full-fledged People’s Republic, it will find itself in the position of paying companies to stay in the state rather than paying them to locate here.