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They Doth Protest Too Much

So some Montgomery County Democrats, led by House majority leader Kumar Barve, issued a spoon banging statement condemning “offensive” comments made by Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams.

I would be inclined to take them seriously, if the head of the Democratic Governor’s Association–charged with electing Democratic governors–were anyone else but Martin O’Malley.
Barve, it should be noted is eyeing the Comptroller’s office.
Maryland Democrats’ sturm and drang over insensitivity rings all the more hollow given they are a font of it.
Remember Lisa “party trumps race” Gladden defending racially tinged attacks on Michael Steele?
How about Senate President Mike Miller calling Steele “the personification of an UncleTom.”?
Or how their operatives turn to racism in the face of arguments they can’t understand?
I, guess in a way though, we should thank Barve and co. their cynical political ploy just proved Bob Ehrlich was correct: multiculturalism is bunk!

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