The One Step Solution

A lot has been made about the Maryland Republican Party’s deficit, which is at least $122,000 to vendors and creditors. To say that there the Republican Party has not been able to achieve the vision of Chairman Alex Mooney, who released his fundraising plan last year during his campaign for Chairman, would be to make a relative understatement of the situation.

There has been a lot of griping and moaning on all sides about the inability of the Republican Party to raise funds. A lot of the griping comes from the activist class (myself included) but also from Central Committee members who had a higher level of expectation of fundraising results from the Mooney Administration based off Audrey Scott’s success in paying off the debts incurred by Jim Pelura, as well as by the fundraising prowess shown by Mooney during his Senate campaigns and promised in the run up to his election as Chairman.

However, Central Committee members can easily take the lead in paying off the Republican Party’s existing debt. And it really shouldn’t take them that much effort to accomplish it.

There are 304 members of the Republican State Central Committee, inclusive of the county committee members as well as the statewide elected officials. If each of those 304 Central Committee members pledged to raise $500 for the State Party, they would collectively raise $152,000. And in one step, the Maryland Republican Party debts would be paid.

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A lot of Central Committee members will balk at such a suggestion. A lot of Central Committee members at the local level have a “what have you done for me lately” approach to the State Party. However, these Central Committee Members are elected not only to serve their local county party, but also their State Party. It is their responsibility to assist the State Party successfully fight for our ideals and to elect Republicans statewide. This is a perfect time for local committee members to exercise their influence the direction of our party by working collaboratively to pay off their debt. And for most committee members, raising $500 wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do at all.

The Central Committee members statewide provide the perfect solution to the Maryland Republican Party’s debt problem. Because this is no time to sit around and wait for the cavalry to through with a giant truckload of money. It’s time for them to step up to the plate and lead by example.

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