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Plan Fairyland Exposed

I’ve been sounding the alarm about Governor O’Malley’s ill-conceived global warming policy (written and paid for by environmental special interests) for years now.

The Beacon Hill Institute analyzed the absurdity of O’Malley’s climate commission’s recommendations and found:

1. CCS failed to quantify benefits in a way that they can be meaningfully compared to costs;

2. When estimating economic impacts, CCS often misinterpreted costs to be benefits;

3. The estimates of costs left out important factors, causing CCS to understate the true costs of its recommendations…

For policymakers, the CAP report offers no worthwhile guidance. The report fails to quantify the monetary benefits of reduced GHG emissions rendering its cost savings estimates implausible if not downright unbelievable.

Well Lord Christopher Monckton, at the MDCAN Conference, (video thanks to our good friend Anthropocon) detailed the absurdity in power point form completely obliterating the core assumptions and arguments behind O’Malley’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act.

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