Mike Miller and the Sclerosis of One Party Rule

Perhaps the Just for Men finally seeped through Mike Miller’s scalp to his brain.

“But what does piss me off,” he said, is his Republican friends that have to “down my state,” which he called “the number one goddamn state in the Union.”

No Mike, they’re not “downing” Maryland, they’re downing the way you and the Democratic oligarchy have turned Maryland into the east coast California, turned our great state into one of the worst states in the nation for job creation, forced more Marylanders to move out to border states than in, set in motion the decline of Baltimore, oversaw the racial gerrymandering of Maryland’s congressional districts, appointed a federally indicted and self-proclaimed dumb ass to the powerful Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, procured sweetheart legislation to enrich your crony and former chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, and now interfering in investigations of your cronies.

To paraphrase Cromwell, Miller has sat for too long for any good he’s been doing lately.

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