Meeting Daniel Bongino

If you don’t know it by now, Daniel Bongino is running for the US Senate seat currently held by Ben Cardin.

I had the opportunity to spend about 15 minutes with Mr. Bongino this past Sunday. The place was Brunswick, Maryland, and the event was the Veterans Day parade. Mr. Bongino’s staff was working the ready line, passing out stickers to participants. The parade was about a half hour late in starting so I wandered down the line of march units to a see what was going on. (For context, I was involved in the parade so I had more than a passing interest in what was holding everything up.) One of his staffers was unfamiliar with the organization I was involved with and as I was explaining our role Mr. Bongino introduced himself.
We chatted for a moment about the difficulties of running state wide in a one party state. He was familiar with RedMaryland via Brian Griffiths and accepted with a good humor my prediction that he will get beaten like a rented mule.
My assessment is that Bongino is real. He’s charismatic. You can’t talk to him and not know he’s serious about his run. He is not Herman Cain on an extended book tour. If anyone has a chance to dislodge a Maryland democrat from a Senate sinecure it is him. He is absolutely right that when we run fake democrats for office against real democrats we shouldn’t be surprised when the real ones win. That, I think, is the lesson of the last couple of Ehrlich campaigns. Bongino is a conservative.
He still faces an uphill battle but giving conservatism a voice during the coming election will be something Maryland hasn’t experienced in the past.
If you have the time visit his site. If you have the money to spare, send a donation his way.

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