Is Roscoe Bartlett Trying To Give His Seat To Bud Otis?

We hear Roscoe Bartlett’s long time chief of staff, Bud Otis, has been visiting members of the GOP delegation and the business community from Western Maryland soliciting their support for his Congressional run in 2012 to succeed Bartlett. The only problem is that Bartlett is leading everyone to believe he intends to run for reelection.

I call shennanigans.
The redrawn MD-6 will be hard enough to hold with Bartlett running. Bartlett’s fundraising is anemic, to be charitable, but on the other hand he’s never been a fundraising animal. He hasn’t had to be. If Bartlett intends to retire he needs to let us know so we can have a primary to choose our candidate, not have some functionary foisted off on us at the eleventh hour.
What’s the deal Congressman Bartlett? Are you running or retiring? Your seat belongs to the people of Western Maryland. It isn’t yours to hand out as some sort of bequest.
Our delegation should let Bud Otis that he’ll have our support if he wins the GOP primary. Otherwise, not so much.

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