The Broadside Debuts Tonight 7pm

Tune in tonight at 7pm for The Broadside, the newest program on the Red Maryland Network.

Join hosts Andrew Langer and Mark Newgent for interesting discussions on politics, pop culture, history, and whatever is on their mind.

Tonight on the Broadside:

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We talk presidential politics and Koch addiction with the Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis @mattklewis.

Maryland U.S. Senate Candidate Daniel Bongino @dbongino stops by to update us on the campaign.

Our friend Washington Examiner sport columnist Rick Snider @Snide_Remarks talks about his life as a DC tour guide and his special Lincoln Booth assassination tours.

Radio host Janine Turner, star of the hit TV series Northern Exposure, will be on to talk about her column today in the Washington Examiner on Hollywood hypocrisy.

Listen to The Broadside Monday nights at 7pm only on the Red Maryland Network.

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