What a MDGOP statewide candidate should resemble.

We talk about a lot of candidates on this blog both Democrat and Republican. We often debate the relative merits of Republican candidates and even what qualities one should have to run in this state.

The fact is that our party is in serious need of quality candidates who can effectively allow us to challenge the Democrat monopoly in Maryland.
Brian Griffiths and I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a candidate that, in my opinion, embodies the qualities needed by an MDGOP candidate running for statewide office.
Harford County Executive David Craig welcomed us to an invitation only event exclusively for bloggers. You can read the takes of other attendees including our erstwhile RedMaryland colleague Michael Swartz, Patch.com’s Bryan Sears (nice picture of me by the way) and Cross Purposes’ Richard Cross. Mr. Craig took questions for nearly two hours about his background, his views on the issues and the potential of his running for statewide office in 2014. Mr. Craig endured the interrogation with aplumb and, personally, I was impressed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge about Maryland politics. The event was also very professional, a testament to the quality of the staff that Mr. Craig has assembled. The Craig Camp demonstrated an understanding of what we bloggers do and how the landscape of media and campaign communication has changed.
Unlike some recent statewide Republican candidates who think they can walk off the street and challenge incumbent democrats, Mr. Craig has a wealth of experience, relationships and understanding with which to run a successful campaign. Consider the following bullet points:
  1. Mr. Craig is a native Marylander
  2. Mr. Craig is a lifelong Republican
  3. Mr. Craig has executive experience as both a Mayor and County Executive.
  4. Mr. Craig has won 12 elections to local and state office, often defeating incumbent Democrats in heavily democrat areas. He has also worked in the private sector.
  5. Mr. Craig is fiscally conservative, pro-business and is unapologetic in standing up for life and traditional marriage.
  6. Mr. Craig has a deep understanding of Maryland electoral politics extending decades. (In fact, he is contemplating writing a book on the History of the GOP in Maryland.)
  7. Mr. Craig is a leader in statewide municipal elections and understands better than most the issues facing localities.
I will have more to add on this week’s RedMaryland Radio but you get the point. This is the resume of someone who should be running statewide and the MDGOP should be actively encouraging to do so. He has no illusions about what such a race will entail and how it can be won.
Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed by Mr. Craig. With more candidates like him our party could break the monopoly of one party rule in this state.
Mr. Craig is what a MDGOP statewide candidate should resemble.

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