Just when you thought that the map that was leaked to was Linkthe worst that it could be, the Sun reports on these two maps that are being seriously Linkconsidered by the Democrats.

I had always assumed that the 2002 Congressional District boundaries, with their large swaths of criss-crossing lines that look like a Rorschach ink-blot experiment gone sorely awry, couldn’t possibly topped. Even the Maryland Democratic Party could not come up with district designs that did a worse job of keeping communities of interest together….

Looks like I was wrong. And it looks like, as we suspected that the Maryland Democratic Party is more interested in giving two middle-fingers to the people of Maryland than they are about giving this state fair and equitable districts.

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I’ll let Todd Eberly of St. Mary’s College says what needs to be said about this:

Todd Eberly, assistant professor of political science at St. Mary’s College of Maryland who is closely following the redistricting process, criticized both proposals and called the first map “almost disgusting to look at.”

“One thing’s clear: There is nothing about reflecting population change. There is no attempt to respect existing boundaries or neighborhoods. It’s totally about maximizing Democratic votes, nothing else,” he said.

Good job Democrats. Your petty arrogance shines for all to see once more…

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