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Pipkin requests open meeting for MdTA toll hike vote

State Senator EJ Pipkin sent a letter to Governor O’Malley and Maryland Transportation Authority Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley asking for two weeks notice of the date and time of the MdTA Board’s vote on proposed toll increases.

Writing on behalf of 36th District delegates Michael Smigiel, Steve Hershey, and Jay Jacobs, Pipkin also requested the meeting be held in Cecil or Queen Anne’s counties, two counties in their district, and that the meeting be open to the public.

“We believe these requests to be reasonable and fair.” Pipkin wrote.If representative government is a reality and not a catch phrase, I believe that these requests should and will be honored. Give those people whose lives will be most directly affected by the proposed toll increases a final opportunity to be heard before the vote is taken on this very important matter.”

Full text of Pipkin’s letter

Toll Increases – Letter to Mdta – 9-7-11-2

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