Now O’Malley Discovers Jobs

So it looks like Martin O’Malley finally realized that Maryland has a jobs problem. And he is considering introducing a “jobs bill” during next month’s Special Session to do something about it. Of course, according to the Sun, it isn’t like O’Malley is proposing anything that would actually create jobs:

A top administration official said the package could include an expansion of business tax credits for research and development and biotech investments, both of which have been popular.

The governor could add a third, yet-to-be disclosed, tax credit, according to the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the plan.

This has to mean one of two things. One is that this, along with redistricting, is part of a very well crafted joke that the O’Malley Administration and the Democratic Leadership is foisting upon the people of Maryland, and that their real solutions will come along later.

Or it means that Martin O’Malley and the Democrats have decided to come up with another cockamamie “plan” to create jobs that will ultimately create no jobs for the average middle and working class Marylander that actually needs a job. We already saw earlier this year, with O’Malley’s widely ballyhooed small business tax credit, that O’Malley’s targeted tax credits are not an effective way to actually put people to work. The small business tax credit was only beneficial to those businesses that were already in an economically advantageous situation to hire in the first place, with or without the tax credit. The tax credit didn’t create any job, it merely rewarded a few businesses that were already going to be expanding in the first place.

No, this revelation has nothing to do with jobs, and everything to do with Martin O’Malley’s position as Chairman of the DGA, and his aspirational goal to be elected President in 2016. O’Malley is giving cover to the President for his cockamamie federal jobs program by presenting a cockamamie state jobs plan all his own.

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Now that O’Malley has discovered that there is, in fact, a jobs problem in Maryland, he could take some proactive steps to actually facilitate job creation.

  • A repeal of the sales tax increase, lowering the rate back to 5%;
  • A reduction in business regulations to make Maryland more friendly to businesses;
  • A cut in the income tax rate, across the board;
  • At minimum, an across the board 2% reduction in state spending;
  • Dropping the proposed PlanMaryland zoning regulations.

All of these ideas would create a climate that would be better suited to entrepreneurship, small business growth, and job creation more so than any of O’Malley’s tax credits could. This is the program that O’Malley and the Democrats should support.

Until then, O’Malley needs to go back to the drawing board and think of ways to protect and save jobs other than his own….

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