More Proof MD Dems are the Real Fat Cat Party

Haley Peterson of the Washington Examiner has a good piece on the gobs of campaign cash energy companies give to Governor O’Malley and Maryland Democrats.

Another major contributor to Maryland officials has been Energy Answers International, a New York company that is planning to build a controversial waste-burning power plant in Baltimore.

In June 2009, the company applied for a license to build the plant. Over the next two years, Energy Answers, Chief Executive Officer Patrick Mahoney and owner

Covanta Energy gave roughly $30,000 to the O’Malley administration and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

O’Malley in October 2010 praised the planned plant as a national model for green energy. Ten days later, the companies heaped $16,000 on him and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown through campaign donations.

Two other companies with interests in the planned plant — Curtis Bay Energy and Old Fairfield LLC — have contributed an additional $20,000 to O’Malley, Brown and Rawlings-Blake.

Peterson also mentions that Synergics Energy Development was one of the “top contributors.” Synergics is run by former Maryland Democratic Party chair Wayne Rogers. Rogers, you may remember, used his insider connections—looking at you Mike Miller—to obtain sweetheart legislation circumventing Public Service Commission regulation of his Western Maryland wind projects.

Of course this isn’t surprising given that we know—despite their class warfare rhetoric—Maryland Democrats are THE corporate fat cat party.

With such rampant cronyism among our one-party rulers it’s no wonder we’ve seen the sad litany of Democratic corruption over the last few years from Sheila Dixon, Jack and Leslie Johnson, and Ulysses Currie, and now Tiffany Alston.

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