Eric Hartley’s New Job – Press Agent for James King

If you are a loyal reader of this blog (one of the top political blogs in Maryland) you have read Mark Newgent’s insightful reporting of the inclusion of former Delegate James King on the Governor’s Redistricting Commission.

If you fit into either of these categories you are most definitely not Annapolis Capital columnist, Eric Hartley. Which is good for you because, Mr. Hartley is far less informed than you.
His recent column was a puff piece about Mr King which could have been written by King himself, if he had the ability to string cogent sentences together. Hartley reports, without question, Mr. King’s reluctance to serve on this commission. He dutifully relates Mr. King’s Cincinnatan willingness to serve on this commission but not run for office during the time period that the newly drawn districts would be in place.
I guess the facts that Mr. King has a hopeless conflict of interest by being on the O’Malley payroll, has closer ties to the administration than any current GOP leader and has an unabashed personal relationship with Governor O’Malley didn’t fit with the reluctant hero theme King wanted.
Inconvenient truth indeed.
I guess that is why this blog has more journalistic integrity than outlets like the Annapolis Capital.

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