Not the Guy We Want Coming Off the Bench

As we broke for you Wednesday evening, we finally know why Pat McDonough’s ventriloquist doll, Sue Payne, has been—under her real name, various phone aliases, and noms de cyber—disparaging U.S. Senate candidate Daniel Bongino over the last few months.

Here’s the press release McDonough handed out to his colleagues at the House GOP caucus meeting Wednesday.

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Shorter McDonough. “Everybody else put you plans on hold, because I ‘m the most relevant politician I’ve ever met.”

Forcing McDonough’s hand to release an announcement at 10:30 pm on a Wednesday evening however, turned out to be a fortunate but incidental byproduct of my investigation into McDonough and his surrogates slandering Bongino to Republican legislators considering supporting his candidacy.

A Republican legislator did confirm to me people associated with McDonough were making false statements about Bongino and distorting his policy positions.

Also, consider this comment from McDonough plant “No RINOS in Maryland” on the Baltimore Sun Maryland Politics blog, among the many other slanders from McDonough plants:

“Is it that if your job requires laying down your life to save the life of our President that you’ll take a bullet for a white president but not a black one???

Read through all the comments and see the calumny McDonough’s mopes unleash on Bongino.

Sure McDonough won a couple of House of Delegates elections and has some name recognition, but when we think of the “Republican bench” McDonough isn’t the image that comes to mind.

Whether it’s the Senate, the House of Representatives, Governor, County Executive, Dog Catcher, or whatever office McDonough believes he can grace with his self-inflated magnificence, Republican primary voters should take into consideration whether they should support a man who can so casually unleash a smear campaign against a fellow Republican.

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