I Get Letters….

Apparently, somebody in the Young Democrats of Maryland apparatus has decided that I should be the recipient of a form letter. Because I’ve gotten the following letter at least six times:

Mr. Chairman

As a young person I am sure you noticed that just about every day on the floor of the House of Representatives almost every member says they are fighting to protect our generation from the debts that our parent’s generation ran up. However, the actions by some of your leaders in the GOP who refuse to pass the routine bill of lifting the federal debt ceiling has the potential to not only ruin our own economy, but as a result drag the entire world into a prolonged outright depression. As a Young Democrat, I am honored by the hard work of President Barack Obama, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and the rest of the Maryland Delegation who are working to pass a bill that not only lifts the debt ceiling but also cuts trillions of dollars in debt ran up by previous administrations.
The White House, the Treasury Department, most of the major credit rating agencies, and even all leaders in Congress agree that August 2nd is the deadline to reach a deal to save our economy. That is in jeopardy by news that the House of Representatives will not follow the lead of the Senate and stay in session this weekend working to reach a solution. I believe that in order to reach the tough Linkdeal we need to solve this problem, members of Congress should be in Washington. I hope you will join me and the Young Democrats of Maryland to encourage all members of the House of Representatives to stay in Washington and reach a solution that moves us all forward to a balanced solution.

I mean I assume that Christopher Coard of Annapolis, Nicole Markisohn of College, Joe Milk of Annapolis, Jennifer Greene of Capitol Heights, Ryan McAuliffe of North Beach, and Joseph Kitchen of Cheverly didn’t all come up with virtually the same exact form letter and send it to me….

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Regardless, I think that they’re barking up the wrong tree. Everybody knows that the Democrats are not serious about debt relief and that they aren’t serious about spending cuts. The folks sending these form letters should really be asking their own leaders to negotiate in good faith and put forth serious solutions to deal with our debt crisis, instead of following the lead of the President and play a dangerous game of chicken with the global economy.

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