Finally, an MDGOP Leader Comes off the Bench to Challenge Ben Cardin

As Brian has reported, Pat McDonough has informed his fellow Maryland House Republicans, that he is entering the US Senate race against Ben Cardin. With all due respect to the current GOP candidates, the field to this point has been populated with relative unknowns with little or no campaign experience.

I for one, and it seems I am the only one on this blog, have been lamenting the MDGOP’s inability to recruit a qualified candidate for this race. Despite the impression left by the current crop of newbie candidates, Maryland Republicans actually have a bench with several qualified, experienced candidates who could truly give Ben Cardin a run for his money. To date, though, none have been willing to show any leadership by running.
Say what you will about Pat McDonough. Many don’t like his style. Some say he is too conservative. But Pat McDonough has shown he can win an election. He has shown that he can stand up to the Democrats and fight for a conservative agenda. Has has shown that he can work with fellow conservatives to accomplish great things, like the recent successful petition drive.
Delegate McDonough may not be the only member of the MDGOP bench to get in this race. Other good candidates may yet join and I hope they do. But Pat was the first and he deserves to be commended for it.

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