Job Losses In Maryland Have Many Fathers- Lawsuits Are One

By Todd Dallas Lamb – Executive Director – Maryland Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Recently, the Baltimore Sun editorial team put the best spin it could on the State’s less than stellar job creation performance.

Indeed, the numbers are so pathetic even the Sun can’t make them look acceptable. In citing Maryland’s –worst in the nation – job numbers, editors downplayed the results and preemptively ridiculed the “usual suspects” that suggest the reasons for these dismal job numbers are the result of “[t]oo-high taxes, too-much regulation, too-many mandates.”

Truthfully, it’s all of those things – plus one: lawsuits. The lawsuit abuse culture in this state kills job creation. Businesses don’t fight cases in Baltimore – they settle them. They know the atmosphere here, and keep that in mind when they consider moving businesses to (or from) our state. Look at reforms made in Texas (and conspicuously NOT in Maryland): Texas reformed its legal system to prevent many of the abuses that flourish here, helping the state add 165,000
jobs during the past three years. We are now painfully aware of the job producing (in) ability of Maryland in its current situation.

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Serious legislators would take a look at legislation that would produce legal reform and
job growth. When it comes down to it, we need more jobs, not more lawsuits.

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