Divide and Conquer?

In case you’ve missed it, two items have featured prominently in local news here in Queen Anne’s County.
First, the county commissioners have sent out mailings alerting of a series of budget hearings. Of particular note in that notice is the advertised a tax increase of up to $.12 above constant yield.

Second, the Maryland Transportation Authority has announced it is considering massive toll hikes, particularly on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
For obvious reasons both of these issues are of major interest to Queen Anne’s County residents and thus we’ve all been eagerly looking forward to the hearings for both. Well I imagine you were as shocked as I was when those dates were announced.
The county was out first, with word that there will be three hearings, on the 13th, 14th, and 15th, in Kent Island, Centreville, and Sudlersville respectively.
Then the MDTA came out with the announcement for all of its own hearings. And lo and behold, the Queen Anne’s County meeting just happens to be scheduled for June 15th, at Kent Island High School.
Now, then far be it from me to suggest anything sinister, but it does seem awfully convenient that the toll hike hearing just happens to be scheduled on the same night as what are well known to be contentious hearings. And it seems even more convenient that it happens to be located as far away as possible from that budget hearing while still being in Queen Anne’s County.
But hey, coincidences happen, right?

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