WJZ’s Slant Oil Reporting Project

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Watch this WJZ transcribed press release from Ben Cardin’s press office report, which Cardin’s office probably has on a DVR replay loop.

Parroting Democratic talking points about Big Oil and their hefty campaign contributions makes for a nice lead on the 6:00 news, but as for informing their viewers…not so much.

Left out of this “report” is the fact that a Congressional Research Service report on President Obama’s own plan to raise taxes on the oil companies would in fact lead to higher gas prices.

The proposals also would make oil and natural gas more expensive for U.S. consumers and likely increase foreign dependence.

Curious isn’t it that
Ben “energy independence” Cardin would back a similar plan, which would only make us more dependent on foreign sources. You’d figure WJZ would think that would be news!

If WJZ had been busy paying attention instead of transcribing, they would have known that two of Cardin’s Democratic colleagues doused that pile of overheated rhetoric with a splash of common sense.

Take Alaska’s Mark Begich – who has a facebook page for Alaskans to post photos of high gas prices – and Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, for instance. Today on the Senate floor the two teed off on their fellow Democrats for pushing this measure & for holding tomorrow’s Finance Committee hearing with the Big Oil bosses.

“Instead of addressing the problem with specific solutions, they are going for headlines by dragging energy company executives before committees or proposing roadblock incentives for increased domestic energy consumption, some of which have been on the books for decades. Let’s stop the headline-grabbing and get serious about energy security,” railed Begich.

“This is a piece of legislation they put down without a committee process. It is a gimmick, a gimmick to get through the next week of activity, get some press out there,” he said later, arguing that Democratic leaders were only pushing the bill for a “good political score” and “good fodder for the newsprint.”

“You ask me, ‘Can I vote for a bill like this?’ No. Not only can I not vote for it, it’s laughable,” added Landrieu. “And I mean, I know we’re going to be the skunks at the garden party because for Democrats to be against this bill it’s because we coddle this industry. I don’t coddle this industry.”

Instead, WJZ helped reignite a Democratic straw man.

Since WJZ is now so concerned about well heeled political contributors, perhaps they should look at Ben Cardin’s top contributors (trial lawyers, Goldman Sachs, Constellation Energy) and investigate what legislation he’s supporting or opposing on their behalf.

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