What About the Shore Governor?

From my latest at Washington Examiner Local Opinion Zone

Over the last two days tornadoes reportedly hit Maryland’s Eastern Shore, yet not a word of caution or concern from Governor Martin O’Malley (D).

On Wednesday a tornado and water spout were spotted near Oxford Maryland in Talbot County, and Thursday afternoon several reports indicated tornadoes hitting northern Queen Anne’s County.

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A look at O’Malley’s Twitter feed during the height of Wednesday’s severe storm shows he was more concerned about counties on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge under a tornado watch rather than the folks on the Eastern Shore under a similar warning.

During Thursday’s tornado warnings, O’Malley was too busy touting the taxpayer subsidized General Motors plant and the 200 jobs, which cost taxpayers $577,500 each.

Over the last two years O’Malley has proposed a ban septic systems from new developments, which disproportionately affects the Eastern Shore’s economy; his central planners picked the Eastern Shore as a loser on future economic growth; he shuttered the Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center, and his transportation authority is set to impose drastic toll increases for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, effecting many of the commuters and who live in Queen Anne’s County.

Eastern Shore counties voted against O’Malley in 2006 and 2010.

O’Malley’s neglect merely reinforces the perception that he is punishing his enemies and rewarding his friends. It also gives more credence to what Eastern Shore legislators Senator EJ Pipkin (R) and Delegate Mike Smigiel (R) call O’Malley’s war on rural Maryland.

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