Daniel Vovak RIP

Montgomery County political activist/prankster Daniel Vovak died this past weekend at the age of 39. Vovak announced he was in late Stage IV of an undiagnosed cancer last December.

A member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, Vovak ran unsuccessfully for various offices including President, United States Senate (in both Maryland and Illinois) Montgomery County Executive, and Chair of the Maryland Republican Party.

However, Vovak will be remembered most for wearing an 18th century style wig, an affectation, which garnered more attention than any of his policy proposals. Vovak stated wore the wig to evoke the Republican Party’s roots in the Whig Party, even though the wearing of wigs as a socio-political status symbol was abandoned in the century prior to the advent of the Whig Party.

Whether it was pretending to be the campaign manager of South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene, his comedy film project about the Monica Lewinsky scandal the Blue Dress, or any of his sundry political stunts, we at Red Maryland didn’t take him seriously, and he was often antagonistic towards us.

Still, to be felled at such a young age is a tragedy, our my prayers are with his family and friends.

“He could be maddening at times,” said Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty and Queen Anne’s County Central Committee member. “Yet, given what he said at the convention several weeks ago, perhaps his legacy ought to be that the time has come for Maryland Republicans to put their pecuniary interests aside and focus on the real goal: winning elections.”


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