ACORN Back in MD, But Did it Ever Really Leave?

This post from yesterday somehow disappeared down the Blogspot memory hole. Here it is again.

Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center warned that despite filing for bankruptcy, the discredited community-organizing group ACORN has not gone away. Rather they are reorganizing hoping no one will notice.

ACORN seems back in Maryland. According to the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation ACORN Housing Corporation Inc. reorganized under the name Affordable Housing Centers of America in February 2010.

Acorn Reformation

State documents also show that Affordable Housing Centers of America also filed to do business in Maryland as a foreign corporation. The reorganization documents list the address for principal office for Affordable Housing Centers of America as 5460 Midwood Ave. Baltimore MD, which according to a Google Map search is a residential address. Affordable Housing Center of America’s website lists its Maryland office address as 1800 North Charles St., Baltimore MD.

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That state records show ACORN reorganized in February 2010 casts doubt on the veracity of former ACORN state co-chair Sonja Merchant-Jones’ statement to the Baltimore Sun in March of 2010 that there were no plans for ACORN to rebrand in Maryland under a different name.

Baltimore was the site of the first of several videos, which revealed ACORN employees providing tax advice to undercover activists-journalists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles posing as a pimp and prostitute seeking to set up a brothel for underage Guatemalan girls.

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