The Refuge Podcast Is Back!

As part of our new Red Maryland Network, the Refuge is back and better than ever! Greg talks about where the show has been and where it is going. The blogger roundtable discusses the gay marriage bill and how it might affect Maryland politics in the years to come. In the final segment, we discuss the launching of the Red Maryland Network.

Listen now by clicking here.

BTW, the very latest on the gay marriage debate is that the vote is extremely close. I have heard from multiple sources close the situation that Republican Delegate Bob Costa (R-33B) is considering changing his vote and voting for the measure. I spoke with Delegate Costa the other day and he gave every indication of voting against the measure along with his colleagues. Unfortunately, Delegate Costa has a habit of changing his mind and could probably use a friendly phone call to remind him that anything he is being offered to vote for this bill won’t be enough.

Call him at

(410) 841-3551, (301) 858-3551
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3551 (toll free)

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You may want to drop him an email encouraging him to stick with the caucus and vote against bill.

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