The Annapolis Accessibility Abberation

I was down in Annapolis tonight attending the Anne Arundel GOP’s Legislative Reception in the James Senate Office Building. It just so happened that Casa de Maryland was also busing in people by the boatload in support of the Dream Act, the completely unconscionable idea that illegal immigrants should get in state tuition that seems destined to be passed by the General Assembly.

Most of you are probably aware that in order to enter the Legislative Office Buildings in Annapolis, there is a basic security protocol that guests have to follow. You need to go through a metal detector, have your bags or jackets go through the X-ray machine, and present government issued identification. And everybody needs to follow that procedure…

…..unless you are bussed in by Casa de Maryland. Because for the “activists” that were coming down in support of the Dream Act, two pieces of that puzzle were significantly changed. Mainly because:

  1. Casa de Maryland was distributing some sort of Casa de Maryland issued identification card to the illegal immigrants bussed in to lobby the legislators; and,
  2. The Casa de Maryland ID was reasonably superfluous because the Casa de Maryland group was waived around security without needing to present ID, go through the metal detectors, or have their possessions searched anyway.

So in Annapolis, at least for tonight, we were treated to the bizarre spectacle of American citizens and those in this country here legally being forced to go through a great hassle of meeting with their legislators while at the same time those who were likely in this country illegally were given free, unabated, and unfettered access to the members of the General Assembly.

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Now I for one think that the security protocols in Annapolis are ridiculous; that the members of the General Assembly are not in any danger from the general public and that the high level of security at the legislative buildings is absurd considering any number of state capitols that I have visited (Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Utah, and yes Wisconsin among them) have no such restricted access…..

….but that being said, that idea that General Services police are not treating all visitors equally while giving extra access to those who are likely illegal immigrants at the expense of average Marylanders is odd, bizarre, off-putting and says a lot about the political priorities of Maryland’s Democratic majority.

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