Maryland Democrats and their Situational Ethics

As I’ve noted multiple times, I’m a supporter of gay marriage. And yes I’m disappointed that the bill isn’t going to pass this year.

With all of that being said, I’m even more disappointed in the Maryland Democratic Party. Why? Because it was the efforts of Democrats in the Maryland House of Delegates that torpedoed the gay marriage bill today. It is because of Maryland’s Democrats that gay couples still do not have the right to marry in Maryland. It is the fault of Mike Busch that he was either incapable or chose not to whip the votes into place to pass this legislation given the overwhelming Democratic majority in the House of Delegates.

Now when the Republicans do something like this which offends the liberal sensibilities at the Congressional or state level, the Democrats start bombarding the media with press releases and statements that contain words like “immoral”, “bigotry”, “hatred”.

Yet today there is nary a peep of condemnation from the Maryland Democratic Party. Their website barely mentions gay marriage. Their Twitter feed mentions the debate, but not the outcome. Even party apparatchik Matt Verghese who is never shy with throwing up a misguided rhetorical bomb talks about the need for resolve but seems to place no blame.

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So at this point, I suppose that the question needs to be asked; why won’t the Maryland Democratic Party condemn those Democratic members of the House of Delegates as bigots, as they would condemn Republicans if this situation were reversed?

We know that the Democrats in Maryland have situational ethics. This is just a sad, sad example of them in action…

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