You Go First

We’ve already chronicled a number of misguided statements by Vinny DeMarco and the health care racket in supporting the the huge increases in alcohol taxes. Well the DeMarco crowd is going to love this because one wine store in Baltimore is actually coming out in support of this ridiculous tax hike:

Hampden’s popular liquor store The Wine Source today became the latest backer of the dime-a-drink increase to the state alcohol taxes.

Store owner David Wells said in a statement that passage of the measure would help him “sleep better at night” because he thinks the tax increase could curb alcohol abuse. He also predicted the higher costs to consumers will not impact his business.

Wells has a personal connection — he said some of his family members have abused alcohol.
“It is time for our industry to do its fair share to reduce the deaths and societal problems caused by the misuse of our product,” Wells said.

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David Wells (who probably is in no way related to this alcohol connoisseur) has a problem. The problem is that David Wells is a sick man.

Wells seems to have a problem sleeping well at night because the taxes on alcohol are too low. Mind you, he doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by the fact that he is selling alcohol, which in an of itself is enabling alcohol abuse. He doesn’t seem to want to take any proactive activities to stop it, or be a leader in his industry to do their party to reduce the problems that are caused by misuse.

No, he wants to embrace the corporatism that is running rampant in the Maryland Democratic Party these days. Using the hammer of government to produce change that could just as easily be brought about by example.

If David Wells is so hellbent on reducing the metaphorical blood on his hands from those who abuse the products that he sells them, I encourage him to go first. He can go ahead and apply the post-tax-hike prices to his products before the Governor signs any such legislation. I encourage Wells to raise the prices of his beer to account for the 1289% tax increase, the 740% tax increase on wine, or the 668% tax increase on spirits.

Go ahead Mr. Wells. Nobody is stopping your from raising your prices. If you are that intent on supporting a tax increase for the middle and working class Marylanders who buy your products, feel free to show us the way. I’m sure that your customers would be delighted to show themselves the way to another store…

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