Tomorrow there are going to be rallies around the country in support of the teachers in Wisconsin who are illegally striking against Governor Scott Walker’s common sense reforms to get that state’s budget under control. For whatever reason, there is going to be one such rally in Annapolis tomorrow at 12 Noon. (No word, of course, if these state employees are going to be protesting on state time or if they are going to be required to take time off of work to go to Annapolis and protest…..but I can only assume).

However, the Maryland Conservative Action Network is trying to gin up a counterprotest tomorrow if you can make it down to Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis tomorrow morning at 11:30 am. Click here to see additional details about their efforts.

I know that most of our readers have real jobs and can’t take time off of work on the fly, get a fake doctor’s note, or go to a protest while on their bosses dollar. But please spread the word and make it down if possible and if you’re in the area.

A victory in Madison today will set us up for victory in Annapolis tomorrow….

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