Christie slams O’Malley

Martin O’Malley tried one of his signature straw man arguments against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie would have none of it.

Contrasting his initiatives with the more aggressive measures proposed by Christie, O’Malley said on WTOP radio that the New Jersey Republican “delights in being abusive towards public employees.”

Christie is now striking back.During a taped appearance on the FOX Business Network’s “Cavuto,” Christie says O’Malley “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” And that’s about the nicest thing he has to say.

“I heard that pabulum Governor O’Malley was spewing down in Maryland,” Christie says, according to a transcript provided by the program, which is scheduled to air Thursday at 6 p.m. “He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Come to New Jersey and listen to what I am saying rather than listening to his Democratic consultants. We are shining a bright light on what these things cost, and they cost a lot of money. Governor O’Malley calls that picking on public sector workers. I call that telling the people who are paying the bills the truth and not kissing up to every special interest you want to have on your side to get electoral success.”

Maryland Republicans take note. This is how you deal with a sanctimonious Democratic governor, who misrepresents everything you stand for.

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