Once More into the Breach

This week a new session of the Maryland General Assembly will begin. Buoyed by their electoral success the statist democratic leadership in Annapolis is planning an agenda that looks all to similar to what we have seen in the last few years. Higher taxes, out of control spending, fiscal insolvency in public pensions, crony capitalism, more green agenda items that will raise the cost of energy, just to name a few. Even the death penalty and efforts to undermine the institution of marriage, sadly with the help of some Republicans, seem on the table again.

For Maryland conservatives, six more seats in the House of Delegates and two fewer seats in the State Senate are the results of an election year which seemed so promising. The past is gone, however, and now we must gird ourselves for another year’s fight against the ceaseless attacks on our liberty and property.

We do have our friends, however. I would urge you to follow the blogs of both the Maryland House and Senate Republicans. We have a new party chairman who, I believe, can marry conservative ideology and common sense party-building, and yes fund raising.

I would also particularly urge you to begin the week by supporting the members of our new RedMaryland caucus. You know the conservative candidates the readers of this blog helped to elect and re-elect. Please send them a few bucks before session starts and drop them a line to let them know how much we appreciate the efforts they are making on our behalf.

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Delegate Mike Hough
Delegate Justin Ready
Delegate Tony McConkey
Delegate Mike Smiegel

And now that we have taken to signing our posts with video clips let me leave you with this one which I hope may inspire you to charge with us headlong into this year’s fight.

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