Hack Heal Thyself

Pity Maryland Democratic Party Drone, Matt Verghese. He couldn’t find a consistent argument if it fell out of the sky and hit him in the head.

One minute Verghese criticizes Andy Harris for missing his first vote as a congressman, then the next wonders if Harris will show up for that same vote.

First, Verghese writes “Andy Harris…missed his first vote after being sworn in as Maryland’s newest Congressman,” linking to the roll call tally for H Res 5 the new House rules for the 112th Congress.

Next, he inexplicably wonders aloud, “maybe Andy Harris will actually show up” for the vote on those same house rules he just slammed Harris for missing.

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Well Matt, which one is it?

You’d figure with all that corporate and special interest cash filling the Maryland Democratic Party’s coffers they can hire someone who could argue above a fifth-grade level. One-party rule buys a lot of power, but competence…not so much.

Ironically, that roll call notes that Maryland Democrat, Donna Harris also MISSED that vote. You may remember Edwards from such films as “Charley Rangel’s Dirty Money” and “How Sweet are my ACORN Illegal In-Kind Contributions.”

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