And Yet Another View on Kittleman

Richard Cross alludes to something else ,vis a vi Allan Kittleman’s resignation, I was thinking about as well. It is the first move of a potential Kittleman gubernatorial run.

…he defines himself as the kind of fiscally conservative/socially moderate Republican who appeals to suburban swing voters. This formula has worked most reliably for upwardly-mobile Republicans in Maryland…

…he raises his profile in a manner beyond the level that continued service in an obscure legislative post would have allowed.

Often times, I have heard Kittleman’s name mentioned as a future candidate for higher office. However, most of that chatter hinged upon the goodwill surrounding his family name, or his youth and successes in increasingly Democratic Howard County.

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However, a Kittleman bid for governor would come against the backdrop of the Republican grass roots rejecting the social moderation of the Ehrlich era.

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