What You Leave Behind

This WBAL TV report from Jayne Miller (sorry no embed code available) was the buzz of the MDGOP Convention hospitality suites Friday night.

Outside the WBAL Radio studio, Miller confronted Bob Ehrlich about the election night robocalls Julius Henson said the Ehrlich campaign paid him make. Ehrlich refused to answer Miller’s questions saying “I’m out of here.” Ehrlich was at the station to pick up Kendel who had just finished her weekly stint on the “Week in Review” on the C4 Show.

According to Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik, Miller did not ambush Ehrlich and the cameras were not rolling when she first approached Ehrlich.

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I don’t often agree with Zurawik, but he’s right in that the image of Ehrlich leaving the station, failing to answer one of the city’s most respected investigative reporters is going to be the lasting impression a lot of people will have of him. And that’s a shame.

(For the record though the Ehrlich’s usually leave the station via the back entrance, it’s where they park. )

I believe Ehrlich did not personally know about the robocalls, but his campaign hired Henson, knowing full well his reputation for dirty politics, and it was Ehrlich’s campaign people who had to have a hand in the robocalls. And, in the end, the buck stops with Ehrlich.

Voters and especially those of us who supported him, are going need a lot more than “it was done outside my purview.”

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