Stealing Bases

Note Baltimore Sun editorialist Andy Green’s clever attempt to steal a base:

But save for the brief moment after Mr. O’Malley’s tax increases of 2007 but before the global financial meltdown, the governor and the legislature have all known that ongoing expenses actually exceeded ongoing revenue and that the ship was staying afloat only because of accounting tricks and fund transfers. The budget may be balanced every year, but it’s not sustainable.

While the crux of his editorial about the utterly meaningless Spending Affordability recommendations is on point, Green’s little encomium to the largest tax increase in state history is one base too far.

Sorry Andy, but history picks you off on that one. There was no “brief moment” after the 2007 special session where long term revenues and expenditures were in line. Even legislature’s chief budget analyst Warren Deschenaux said that January, “By no means can we say the problem is completely resolved.”

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Sorry Andy, but there isn’t enough lipstick in the world to cover up that $1.4 billion pig.

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