Prince George’s unanimously picks new council chair

The Post’s Miranda Spivack is reporting that the Prince George’s County Council voted unanimously Tuesday for Ingrid Turner to be its new chairman. 


Despite all the Prince George’s campaign and inaugural rhetoric about ethics and reform, the all-Democrat council has opted for business as usual, unanimously electing as the council’s new chair

Ingrid Turner, defendant in a civil extortion case, with one of the votes cast by

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Leslie Johnson, recently arrested in a criminal case involving extortion and witness and evidence tampering, and who was sworn in by new court clerk & outgoing council member

Marilynn Bland, another defendant in the civil extortion case who is also awaiting a criminal trial in January for assault.

There were no Republican candidates for Bland’s new position as clerk of the circuit court.

There were no Republican candidates for eight of the nine county council positions.

Only Ingrid Turner had a Republican challenger, 18 year old Fiona Moodie.  Miss Moodie’s campaign received no meaningful support from the Republican establishment–the PGGop site misspelled her name (and the PGGop candidate page has since been taken down)..

I haven’t seen any of the various candidates for the state Republican Party chairmanship say anything about the continuing Democratic scandals or indicate any plans to make any real effort to offer the people of Prince George’s County ethical Republican alternatives.  How can they hope to rebuild the state party when they turn their backs on the Democratic scandals in one of the largest and most troubled jurisdictions in the state?

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